Back on our feet.

Walk the streets. Help a person along the way. Give with clarity and without cash the moment you see a need, simply by tapping a notification on your phone.

Act the moment you see a need.

It is rare to see a frustration so commonly experienced and yet so unaddressed—specifically, knowing how to respond when confronted with someone in need on the street. GiveSafe makes it simple to give, with clarity that a contribution will help a person advance their life.

GiveSafe distributes electronic “beacons”, about the size of a quarter, to individuals in need through nonprofit shelters (starting with the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle). If you have the GiveSafe app and pass by or meet a beacon holder, you'll receive a simple notification with the opportunity to give or learn of the person's journey.

Should you decide to give, the beacon holder can then spend the money at select merchants or through a nonprofit counselor on goods or services that can truly help (warm clothing, transportation, a good haircut, and more).

We're here to remove the friction and barriers to giving. If we can do that, we believe people will show compassion and help those who are adrift in our community find their way back home.

Lots of good information over at our blog and FAQ. Check those out as well by facebook to learn more.

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