for citygoers

Invest with clarity and without cash into someone you see struggling through homelessness

Learn the stories of the people whom we pass by daily. Provide strategic, compassionate assistance to help these individuals find their back way home.

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  • visit one of our non-profit partners to get a
    beacon and set up your profile

  • your beacon sends a message to the phone of a
    passing samaritan who is looking to help

  • they’ll read your story and they’ll understand,
    just a little bit, about who you are. and they can
    donate with a simple tap

  • you can redeem contributions at our merchant partners for things that you need

    Where Can I Use My Beacon?
  • check in once per month with a counselor at one of our non-profit partners to keep your beacon active and get connected to resources you need

    Helpful Info About Check-ins
  • these financial contributions and valuable relationships can help you on your way back home

see stories of change

when you see someone in need, you want to help. it’s only human. but sometimes it’s just not that simple. often you don’t have the time, and sometimes you miss your opportunity.

but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a second chance.

the samaritan app gives you the opportunity to give the moment you see someone in need. when you pass a person in need, his or her beacon will send a story to your phone. you’ll learn a little bit about them. and then, when you choose, you can give a little money as an investment in that person’s journey.

you want to help a person in need. samaritan gives you the chance to do something about it.

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