for nonprofits

build stronger, more consistent relationships with those you serve

Samaritan beacons enable tens of thousands of city residents to join you in serving the houseless. Critical needs are funded and beacon holders stay within a web of care.

how it works

  • Distribution

    Give beacons on outreach or where you are to connect with
    individuals who might not normally access services.

  • App User Reads Story

    Good samaritans with the app can learn their story
    and give to the person's beacon.

  • Redemption at Merchant Partners

    The beacon can be used with dignity at any
    partnered merchant for helpful goods and services.

    Where Can Beacons Be Used?
  • Check Ins

    Beacon holders have monthly 1-on-1s with you to
    keep their beacon active.

  • Beacon Holder Success

    Through relationships of trust, you counsel beacon
    holders through their personal journey to
    housing, recovery, employment, and more.

40% of beacon holders we meet haven’t accessed our services. We see some of them then participate in new programs we offer. - Ryan L Counselor Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
Samaritan helps me connect beacon holders to resources they otherwise wouldn’t have been connected to. - Zaneta R former Day Center Coordinator Mary's Place
Beacons have created a sense of excitement and hope for clients. I’ve been able to form relationships I wouldn’t have otherwise. - Caleb H Counselor Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
Beacons are an effective way to bring people’s humanity back. Socialization creates social change. - Nick L Counselor
People decide for us what we need all the time. We know what we need. The beacon makes us a little more independent. - Michael C now-housed Beacon Holder

Learn this person's story by searching their &handle in the Samaritan app.

we believe in your work.

And we understand the challenge you face to communicate needs, solicit and collect contributions, and then manage their distribution. Samaritan solves this challenge.

There are thousands of smartphone-carrying commuters passing by the people you love and care for every hour. Most feel compassion, but also helpless to make a real difference. Samaritan turns each passing by into an opportunity for action.

Beacon holders are empowered with choice on how to spend money with safe partners, which can help bring them back to a place of dignity they once had. When they visit you 1-on-1 to keep their beacon active, relationships have resulted in trust, housing, even employment.

These touchpoints also result in unprecedented data that helps you see over time how an individual is progressing, regressing, and why. You can report this data back to your supporters, and then get ahead of the factors that are keeping people where they are.

All of us are impacted by homelessness—all of us can help end it.

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