for volunteers

Help someone access the social and financial capital needed to find a home.

if you're reading this, you already want to make a difference.

Use Samaritan to directly invest into a neighbor in need alongside other volunteers and professionals.

use samaritan to...

give directly to help someone reach their goals around finding a home and better health.

use samaritan to...

give to your local Goal Fund that all individuals receive from based on action steps they complete towards goals that they set with a care provider.

use samaritan to...

send messages of encouragement or opportunities to people based on life circumstances or job skills they choose to share.

use samaritan to...

invite family, friend or your organizations to join a team you're on

use samaritan to...

get occasional life updates from the person and organization you're partnering with about progress and the next opportunities to help.

one favor a month. it may not seem like much, but that's what we're asking for.

Because when someone has 30 people on their team, that's a favor every day to help someone find their way home.

in this time of social and physical isolation, your partnership goes a long way...

to help people take steps towards life-changing goals. We've seen it happen dozens of times.

our data shows that, on average, the best outcomes have involved less than $80/month for six months.

how can so little go far?

Because it's not only money that people lack.

It's a team of believers; professionals and volunteers who can strengthen their fight to leave the street.

so what could this monthly favor be for you?

It could be investing $10/month towards their goals; it could be sending a message of encouragement or opportunity; it could be dropping a needed item at a tent city or at an organization; it could be brining the person on for a gig like gardening or playing music at an event; it could simply be inviting others to join the person's team.

give where you're gifted. the rest will take care of itself.

Want to get involved? We'd be delighted to have you.

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let's talk about getting this resource to people in your community.


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Jeff Lilley former CEO of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission
The number one question I’m asked is, ‘Jeff, how do I respond when asked for help on the street?’ Samaritan is an answer to that question.
Emily Ishiki REST Community Advocate
It gives my clients the ability to care for their own needs with dignity, honor, and gratitude.
David W Samaritan App User
This is an amazing model because it provides two critical components for an individual: real capital and social capital. Both are truly needed.
Chuck Now-Housed Beacon Holder
This makes me feel like there's somebody out here who actually wants to help.
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Pike market senior center
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Want to help? Whether you’re a church, company, or local merchant, there’s a way to invest in our unsheltered.